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A new and improved version of the Apple TV app is now available from the AppStore with in-app purchasing.

Our new Apple TV app acts as your personal library of independent films and it’s even easier than ever to rent the movies you want to see. You can make a purchase straight away using your iTunes account or login using your ‘Curzon Account’ and select MY FILMS to see all the films you've rented on the website/another device, plus discounts for Cinemas members. You can view the film synopses and utilise the same pause and playback functions that the Curzon Home Cinema website and TV app service offer. 

In order to receive Curzon cinema members discount and access to Curzon12, please sign in by selecting “Curzon Account”.

transactions on apple tv are taken through the debit/credit card linked to your itunes account. any Issues with payments should be handled directly with apple support.

How to get Curzon Player on your Apple TV:

  • You will need a 4th Generation Apple TV in order to access our app. 4th Generation boxes are from 2015 onwards, they are a black box with black remote and they are loaded with the App Store. Find out here how to identify your model.

  • Enter the App Store on your Apple TV. Click upwards on your remote until the title bar at the top of the screen is revealed. Navigate to the 'search' option and enter 'Curzon' into the search bar. Look for and click on the orange Curzon icon, as pictured. This will open up the orange app information page. To download the app to your device simply click on the downwards arrow 'Get' icon. The latest version of the app is 2.0.1

How to rent and watch a film using Apple TV:

  • Browse the films in our curated collections, most watched lists or new releases, select the film you want to watch and go through the purchase process. Once payment has been confirmed the film will be added to your Curzon Home Cinema library, the MY FILMS section. Your rental will be available for 48 hours from purchase.

Sign in to your Curzon Account:

  • Register for a free Curzon Home Cinema account to start watching your rentals across multiple devices. (NOTE: In order to receive Curzon cinema members discount and access to Curzon12, please sign in by selecting Curzon Account.)

  • It’s now much faster and easier to sign into your Curzon account, simply scan the QR code that appears on screen using your phone camera, and then follow the instructions on your mobile, or go to the web address that’s displayed on the TV screen -

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  • Your movie is now ready to watch on AppleTV or any of your other devices