Curzon Home Cinema

Getting started with Curzon Home Cinema on Amazon Fire TV

To find the Curzon Home Cinema app:

  • On your Fire TV home screen, scroll down to ‘Apps’: you will find the app (icon as above) under Movies & TV > On-Demand Movie Streaming, press enter.

  • On the app window press ‘Free’ to download; once it’s done it will say ‘Open’, press 'Open'.

  • Once you have successfully downloaded the Curzon Home Cinema app, it will now appear either on the ‘Recent’ tab of Amazon Fire TV Home screen or, alternatively, on ‘Apps’ > ‘Your Apps Library’.

To make a rental:

  • Simply select the film you wish to rent and select 'Watch this film' and follow the on screen instructions.

  • Please note if you have made a film rental purchase using your Amazon account and want to request a refund, you should send your query to Amazon's customer service team directly.

(Recommended) Register for a free Curzon Home Cinema account:

  • Although not a requirement to watch films on Fire TV we recommend that customers register for a free Curzon Home Cinema account and sign in to the app in order to enjoy Curzon Home Cinema's cloud functionality across devices. Follow the steps below.

  • For Curzon Cinema members to receive their rental discount, you will need to first rent the film on the Curzon Home Cinema website and then sign in to the app on Fire TV in order to view the film on your big screen. You will find the film ready to watch in the 'My Films' section.

*You may find it quicker and easier to register for your free account via our website, this avoids difficult TV remote controls. To register online, follow these simple steps. Do remember to sign in to the app when you return to make sure your account is synced across devices.*

Sign in to your Curzon Account:

  • It’s now much faster and easier to sign into your Curzon account, simply scan the QR code that appears on screen using your phone camera, and then follow the instructions on your mobile, or go to the web address that’s displayed on the TV screen -  

Curzon-Sign in-2.png