Curzon Home Cinema


I can't remember my password, what do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, can’t login to your account, or if you have any other query regarding password/registration details we recommend you follow these steps: try to Reset ItContact Us, or just start a live chat with our live support. The website live chat icon can be found in the top right corner and in the footer of all webpages.

How do I add my membership?

If you have a Curzon membership number, simply log on via the web browser, click your email address in the top right corner and select “add membership”.

Why can I hear the audio but can't see the film on my computer?

This may be because your computer is connected to a second screen, monitor or device via an unsupported connection method. If you are trying to connect your computer to another screen or device by using a VGA connection please try either disconnecting this cable or opening up the film in Chrome or Firefox browser. This type of connection will not work using Safari. This is what a VGA connection looks like Click Here.

Why does the film keep Buffering?

We recommend a sustained broadband internet connection of at least 2Mbps. You can test your speed Here. If your problem still persists, please Contact Us or just start a Website Live Chat with one of our team who will assist you immediately. The website live chat icon can be found in the top right corner and in the footer of all webpages.

Where do I find the Curzon Home Cinema app on those platforms?

This varies from platform to platform. To find out what the procedure is for your device please refer to our Devices & Platforms section.

How do I pay for a film? 

Customers purchase films with a one off credit/debit payment- no subscription fees. For more information on how to pay for your rental please see Payment Options section.

How can I request a refund? 

If you have experienced technical difficulties or selected a title by mistake, don't worry, if we are unable to troubleshoot, we will refund your purchase. Please log your request here or on Live Chat.

On Which platforms can I watch the Curzon Home Cinema app?

• Windows Vista and above • OS X 1.6.0 and above • Apple iOS 7 and above • Samsung Smart TV - devices manufactured from 2013 onwards • Amazon FireTV and stick • Android - selected devices only • Apple TV - 4th generation boxes and above • Google Chromecast compatible

How do I update my app?

Most devices/platforms will have the automatic update option on. If it is not the case and you need further assistance, please refer to our Devices & Platforms section.

Can I enable subtitles or closed captions?

English subtitles come as standard for all non-English language films and also for any non-English speaking segments within a film. The subtitles are part of the film itself so they will show automatically, it is not possible to turn them off. It is stated on each film page if English subtitles are available. Unfortunately Closed Captions (also known as a form of subtitling) are not yet available for English language films or for the English speaking segments in foreign language films. Curzon Home Cinema is fully in line with current Ofcom regulations. We hope to be able to provide additional access services functionality in the near future.