Curzon Home Cinema


  • You can now use the same login details (your membership card number) that you use to buy cinema tickets to access Curzon Home Cinema. You won’t need to remember two sets of details.

  • As part of our improved security, we recommend that you reset your password. If your membership password is less than 6 characters it will no longer work. If that is the case it will need to be changed to one with at least 6 characters. You can reset your password here.

  • Your viewing history and card details are still saved. You won’t need to log out of any of your TV/mobile apps.

  • We're continuing to make your cinema experience the best it can be. This new single login is another step in that journey, allowing quicker and easier access to your Curzon Account.

  • You data protection is important to us. As part of that, we are asking all Curzon Home Cinema users to reset their password. For our full privacy policy please visit