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What are the benefits of a Curzon Membership on Home Cinema?

Curzon Cinemas operates a membership scheme for cinema venues. An added benefit for members is discount on all Curzon Home Cinema rentals plus FREE access to films in the Curzon12 collection. From May 2019 discounts will range from 16-25% depending on the film.

*You do not need to be a Curzon Cinemas member in order to enjoy a free Curzon Home Cinema account.* 

How the discount works on Home Cinema -
Full Retail Price     Members Price     % Discount  

Click here for more information on membership packages and benefits, and click here for more specific information on Curzon12. 


If you are logged into your account and cannot see your membership pricing, please contact our live chat support

Please note:

Membership discount is not applicable on films purchased directly through the Amazon Fire TV, or AppleTV if you haven’t signed in. If you want to receive membership discount and watch films via the Amazon Fire TV, please first sign in and purchase your film on at, and sign in to your Amazon Fire TV app where you'll find your rental in the MY FILMS area. Discount is applied on AppleTV so long as you’re signed in through the app.