Samsung 2012 app


As part of our ongoing Samsung app modernisation plan, from the 24th May 2017 Curzon Home Cinema will no longer be available on Samsung devices manufactured before the year 2013. Newer devices manufactured in the year 2013 onwards will continue to work as normal. 

The technology landscape is evolving at immense pace and Curzon Home Cinema is committed to delivering the same fantastic content in the best possible format for our customers. The advanced specifications required to support new TVs and digital devices makes it very difficult to maintain consistency of service and performance across all types of panels and chipsets (HD Ready, Full HD, UHD etc). We can confirm that the latest version of the Curzon Home Cinema app will soon also be available across all brand new devices manufactured in 2019. We understand that the removal of the Curzon app from these older Samsung devices may cause you inconvenience and we would like to apologise for that in advance. 

 How to check if your device will be affected:

1. Identify your model number

This is printed on the back of all devices OR can be found in the 'Contact Samsung' section of your on screen MENU.

E.g. UE55E8000AFXZ - if the fifth digit in the sequence is 'E' this denotes your device as being manufactured in 2012.  Therefore it will no longer be compatible with Curzon Home Cinema as of the 24th May. 


2. Check your app number and try updating it

Open the Curzon app and scroll to the 'About Curzon' area. In the bottom right of the screen is the app version number. If it states 'CLIENT: 3.9', please try updating the app in the Samsung Smart Hub. Once you've done that, reopen the Curzon app and check the app version number again. If it still states 'CLIENT: 3.9' even after updating the app, then this means your device will no longer be compatible. 

what to do if your device is affected:

Curzon Home Cinema is available to enjoy via our website but it's important to us that you are able to continue to experience your film rentals on your big screen as well so firstly we recommend checking if you have any other compatible devices, you can do that here

How to get further help and advise:

Please get in touch with our customer service team via the live chat function on the Curzon Home Cinema website, you'll see the icon on the bottom of the homepage. One of our team will be able to help you immediately.